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Our Faculty

Faculty: Mathematics
Experience: 12 years

Mr. Ajinkya Saraf

Director - Academics, Ajinkya Tutorials Pvt. Ltd.
  • ALM, in Extension Studies, Concentration: Math for Teaching, Harvard University.
  • Dean’s List Academic achievement award winner at the Harvard University.
  • Author, JEE Mathematics Book by Himalaya Publishing House.
  • B. E. (Electronics & Communications).

Dear Students,

First of all, I congratulate you for your glorious achievements till date and welcome you to a thrilling and a truly testing world of competitive exams. I know you all are super excited and curious about your future academic journey. I take the opportunity and privilege to share some wisdom with you.

I suppose that as a student, you must be well aware that the next two years in your academic career would be the most significant years in your entire life. These two years can either make or break your future career prospects. Now onwards, the nature of your syllabus would be broader and more knowledge oriented. Scoring out of marks won’t be that easy as earlier.

Henceforth, the proper understanding of the concepts and the ability to implement them would matter the most. In the competitive exams such as JEE Main / Advanced, MHT-CET, etc. your application skills a re tested and to master this art, what you need is proper mentoring by the experts and your own dedication and hard work.

Considering these factors, we have developed our own method of coaching, which is unique and result oriented. It’s a perfect blend of mentoring and nurturing our students. We proudly claim that our past results speak volumes for our illustrious journey and credentials.

Looking forward to welcome you in Ajinkya Tutorials Pvt. Ltd.!!
All the best..!