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Our Faculty

"I think that the real essence of our achievements lies in our never compromising attitude."

Mr. Kiran Saraf

Managing Director

It makes me feel extremely Proud & Privileged when I look back and analyse to our illustrious journey of nearly a decade. We have come a long way since the incorporation ATPL in the year 2013. I consider this as a reward for our dedicated and selfless attitude towards our students.

I think that the real essence of our achievements lies in our never compromising attitude. From the day one, we were very clear in our minds that we will never compromise as far as our values and our duties towards the students are concerned.

Our philosophy and the thought process has always encouraged us to ensure that;
  • No matter what, our students must get the best of the coaching and mentoring throughout their tenure with us.
  • We should connect with each and every student from their first day in our academy and stay connected with them as long as they need our support and guidance.
  • Our coaching systems should be updated, flawless and knowledge oriented.
  • Our study material should cover t he aspects of both Board & Competitive exams.
  • We should test our students on a regular interval and help them overcome their lacuna by providing them the required in-puts.
  • We should have a progressive road map for our students which will help them to excel in exams.
  • Usage of latest technology such as Digital Boards to make learning a memorable experience for our students.
  • We should have a well-equipped library so that our students can get more books for the references to understand the concepts.

The list is endless and we ensure that we will stay tuned with the latest changes in the education sector and upgrade our systems accordingly.
We have created a perfect learning platform for you. What we expect from you is sincerity, dedication and devotion. I assure you that, together we can make our association fruitful and memorable!

Best of luck..!